Wednesday, May 12, 2010

255 final Part 2C

Letter to Super

255 final part 1C

iii. Daily Burn is a very helpful and effective website to begin your fitness program. It asks you a variety of questions to create you a individual workout program to accomplish your goal. Not only do they follow your workouts but also nutrition which is an important part of fitness. It tracks on your progression and updates you on your status of reaching your goal. This is a great website to incorporate into a PE cirriculum because students can keep an organized program to improve their fitness. I have never used an online program because I used charts and papers. I think this method is so much eaiser and organized because you will not misplace papers and it is less messy and all over the place. After visiting this website, I am impressed with the different varieties of workouts and the chart that informs you on the progress. When I become a teacher I will definately use this program with my classes and help students towards success.

Day 1: 5/12/10

Day 2: 5/13/10

Day 3: 5/14/10

iv. Learning standard 1B states students will develop a personal fitness plan that targets and improves all fitness areas. This website is a great tool to help students create a fitness program. I would use this websites in my classes to encourage students to create an effective fitness program and pass it on to other people who want to follow your plan. First I would ask the students what they want to improve on and split them up into their respectful groups for cardio, muscular, flexibilty etc. Have the students help each other out as a team and motivate each other to keep up with their plans. Not only are students helping theirselves, but their fellow students trying to achieve their goals.

v. I would say the best electronical tool to help with learning standard 1A would have to be a stop watch to keep track of time, pedometers to count the steps and HR monitors to track cardiovascular increase is it easy to use, but it can really help the teacher get the message across to the students about the benefits of working out. During PE class, students will be informed by the teacher and reenforced with the website.

Monday, May 10, 2010

255 Final part 1B

i. The first school takes place in South Saskatoon, Canada and the second school takes place in Chicago, Illinois.

ii. I think this news piece was very interesting because it showed how participating in physical activity can increase studys cognitive behavior. Test scores were much higher after students worked out for 20 mins prior to a math class. After watching that, I now realize how much more important PE is; not only for physical health but for mental health as one. All schools PE programs should have a setup like this to ensure students both mental and physical health. By doing this their test grades will increase and they will be physically fit at the same time.

iii. We dont really hear about things like this often because most schools dont practice "good" PE. Most of these PE teachers just roll a ball on the court and say play. The math teacher who works in City Park Collegiate was concerned about their grades so she decided to take action and do something about it. She looked into more infomation then the PE teachers in that school. The PE teachers should have looked into the info and did something, but they didnt. When I become a PE teacher I will make sure that the student and faculty will benfit from my program in many ways. The students will benefit because they will be participating in physical activities and when they get to class, they will be more focused and that will also benefit the teacher to see incresing grades.

iv. The outcome of this program is very beneficial for both students and staff. The main outcomes of this program is students are benefiting from physical work that transfers into their classrooms. I was surprised and impressed with these out comes because they slowly transformed students to be acedmically successful. According to the video, the secondary school Naperville in Chicago is the leading secondary schools in the United States and one of the lowest obesity rate in the country. For 18 years the school developed a fitness program where every student has to participate in a 45 minute workout everyday. Most of the classes have intergated gross motor movements into a classroom environment.
These outcomes are similar to the NYS standars in PE because this program targets standards 1-3. Standard 1 is personal health and fitness and students should be proficient in this area. By working out in the morning before class, students better their physical health and fitness. According to the news article, students work out in a vigorious aerobic workout every morning and they become healthier Standard 2 is a safe and healthy environment and the teachers involved in this project make the environment as healthy and safe as possible. Students after working out sit down and do work without any problems and get good grades. By having students being focused, it keeps the environment less hostile. According to Dr. John Ratey, students who participate in physical activity they are less figity and more focused on school work. Standard 3 is resource managment and students gain knowledge to spread to fellow peers. By having this knowledge, you can inform and change other students lifestyles for the better.

v. BDNF is a chemical that gets released when participating in aerobic activity. According to the video, if students raise their heart rates 65-75% for 20 minutes can perserve nerve cells and makes them stronger. This can sharpen brain function and keeps students more focused. In order to release BDNF, you have to get the brain active when it is "sleeping" and this can fertilize other parts of the body to get other "goodies". The key books and articles that explain the benefits of this program is Spark that was written by Dr. John Ratey is what these programs are the basis of and an article Exercise Enhances Learning ( by Tiffany Shubert, Chunmei Zhao, and Fred H. Gage.

Brain Gains

Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

Reflection on Lab D

Lesson Plan

Time Coding


Content Development

C9 Form

After doing this lesson on step aerobics,I felt really good about the way the students were following my cues and doing a great job at it. While teaching the lesson I noticed all the students not only were we all sweating, we were having fun which is the most important thing. Step aerobics is an activity for both mental and physical health and can be very beneficial in the school setting.
This was the first time ever teaching or leading a step aerobic class, and I felt really confident because I was just having fun. I feel because of my positive vibe, the students fed off tht and enjoyed the lesson even more. After reviewing my lesson, I noticed everybody participating and not messing around which made me feel like I was doing a good job. The vibe was so positive, I felt like i was in a real dance session instead of class. Overall, I feel this lesson was the best one I taught all year and I'm looking foward to do it again soon.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reflextion on Lab C

Lesson Plan
Progression List

Developing Content

Time Coding


During this juggling lesson, I noticed that some students were advanced jugglers and some were beginners. Troughout the lesson I would walk around and see some students being able to juggle in advanced and faster ways then the other students. Throughout the lesson, I began to pick up some skills such as juggling a little quicker then I usually can because I was getting my own feedback from the students who can juggle. It made me feel better knowing that the students participating were willing to help me on my juggling issues. I noticed that my voice is still a little low so I have to keep working on projecting my voice throughout the whole gymnasium. Other than that, I feel my lesson went pretty well and looking forward for lab D

Friday, March 19, 2010

Leadership hours

During spring break I went back home for the week. The first day I was home I realied that I needed to collect 10 leadership hours for my 255 class. I looked around finding something that I thought was going to improve my leadership skills. Finally I ran into my mothers friend and her husband who ran a besketball team at the local parish. He asked me if I wanted to help him lead practices and be the assistant coach while I was home. I gladly accepted. The age group of the team was from the ages of 15-17.

My time spent with the team was very smooth because he introduced me as a coach and they immidately accepted me on the staff. The first 3 days I went, the coach made me lead warm-ups and help any players on the side with individual skills such as layups and free throws. By the 4th day I had already completed my 10 hours, but I still showed up to practices and games for the rest of the week.

Towards the end of the week when I was going to head back to school, the team was kind of upset because I was leaving, but I told them I would be back to watch the games when I get home in May. The coach told me I can come back and coach with him anytime. It felt good to know I had a coaching position when I am home for the summer.

The time spent coaching a team really improved my leadership skills a little more since coming to Cortland for school. Now when I return, I will have a coaching position and help more young athletes become better and having the kids someone to talk to if they do not want to ask the coach. I have learned alot about coaching basketball and these kids and after completing these hours, I feel preety good about starting my teaching career.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Reflextion on Lab B2

After teaching these jum rope activities, I have noticed that not only has my skills gotten better, but so has everyone in the class. Jump ropes are a good way to build up endurance and its a great aerobic activity. During the lesson, I noticed that some students were having a difficult time doing some of my exercises, so I was there to give them instrucions and feedback. The students looked like they were interested because they were all sweating and putting alot of effort to get the 360 twist down. Not only did they have fun performing the exercise, I had fun teaching it to them. Some things I noticed about the lesson is that I didn't give them a signal for attention and I didn't give that great of cues for them to remember. Besides that, I feelI taught a pretty good lesson and i look foward to teach juggling for my next lesson. Below is my mp3 teaching file, feel free to listne anytime to hear my lesson.
Lab B2 Part 1
Lab B2 Part 2



Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Reflextion on Lab B1

In today's class I felt more confident in my teaching experience now because I am starting to project my voice so the whole class can hear me. I am also starting to use all the steps such as the hook, signal for attention etc. While walking around I feel that I am giving more feedback to each student and feel more comfortable teaching each and everyday.



Sunday, February 14, 2010

Reflextion on Lab A2

I felt really good about today's lesson because in the beginning of the class, Alex and I ran the instant activity that jump started the class. At first I was not talking too loud, but I started to feel more comfortable with using my voice in the gymnasium. I worked on projecting my voice after my first attempt at this lesson in Lab 1A.

Time Coding



Monday, February 8, 2010

My Lesson Intro

After observing this video, I realized my volume was not too bad, but it can definately be improved. I feel that my body language was congruent to what my lesson was about. My lesson and my message was to show students how to throw a baseball with proper mecahnics. While I was speaking about the mecahincs, I also showed step-by-step instructions for it to be easier to understand so it would be easy for the students to be able to do it. Next time I teach, I will be raising my volume alot more and using more visual aids in my lessons.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Relfextion of Lab 1A

Reflection on today's lesson:
1. What do you think went well in your lesson or your teaching? I think everything went well from when i gathering the class into a circle and began my lesson. First I explained what activity I was going to be teaching and started showing them by example and explaning while i was going along. I feel my teaching was effective becasue after showing the students how to throw a football in a perfect spiral, I seen them using my technique and they were throwing perfect spirals
2. What do you think you need to improve in your teaching skill or content? I feel I need to improve on my volume because I felt I was not talking loud enough for the students to really hear me and it is something I will be improving on.
3. How are the improvements you listed above (answers to question #2) going to impact student learning and/or motivation? These improvements will impact my teaching ability by making my lesson much better then they already are and that means the students will be more comprehensive on the lesson I will be teaching.

Time Coding

Gio's Intro

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Relfection of first class

When I entered the gym all I saw all the equipment laying in the hoola hoops and didnt know what was going on or what to expect. The next thing I know we are being seperated into two seperate groups and wondering what is going to happen next. Then I realized that I was going first in my group and I had to teach a lesson involving the rest of the group. After thinking what I was going to do, I taught the group how to throw a football the correct way by going through the mechanics and the ball was thrown perfect. After going first and finishing the lesson, at first I was a little pressured to teach on the spot. But I then realized that im going to have to do that everyday in my career and I stepped up and lead the class in a lesson.