Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Reflextion on Lab B2

After teaching these jum rope activities, I have noticed that not only has my skills gotten better, but so has everyone in the class. Jump ropes are a good way to build up endurance and its a great aerobic activity. During the lesson, I noticed that some students were having a difficult time doing some of my exercises, so I was there to give them instrucions and feedback. The students looked like they were interested because they were all sweating and putting alot of effort to get the 360 twist down. Not only did they have fun performing the exercise, I had fun teaching it to them. Some things I noticed about the lesson is that I didn't give them a signal for attention and I didn't give that great of cues for them to remember. Besides that, I feelI taught a pretty good lesson and i look foward to teach juggling for my next lesson. Below is my mp3 teaching file, feel free to listne anytime to hear my lesson.
Lab B2 Part 1
Lab B2 Part 2



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