Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reflextion on Lab C

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During this juggling lesson, I noticed that some students were advanced jugglers and some were beginners. Troughout the lesson I would walk around and see some students being able to juggle in advanced and faster ways then the other students. Throughout the lesson, I began to pick up some skills such as juggling a little quicker then I usually can because I was getting my own feedback from the students who can juggle. It made me feel better knowing that the students participating were willing to help me on my juggling issues. I noticed that my voice is still a little low so I have to keep working on projecting my voice throughout the whole gymnasium. Other than that, I feel my lesson went pretty well and looking forward for lab D

Friday, March 19, 2010

Leadership hours

During spring break I went back home for the week. The first day I was home I realied that I needed to collect 10 leadership hours for my 255 class. I looked around finding something that I thought was going to improve my leadership skills. Finally I ran into my mothers friend and her husband who ran a besketball team at the local parish. He asked me if I wanted to help him lead practices and be the assistant coach while I was home. I gladly accepted. The age group of the team was from the ages of 15-17.

My time spent with the team was very smooth because he introduced me as a coach and they immidately accepted me on the staff. The first 3 days I went, the coach made me lead warm-ups and help any players on the side with individual skills such as layups and free throws. By the 4th day I had already completed my 10 hours, but I still showed up to practices and games for the rest of the week.

Towards the end of the week when I was going to head back to school, the team was kind of upset because I was leaving, but I told them I would be back to watch the games when I get home in May. The coach told me I can come back and coach with him anytime. It felt good to know I had a coaching position when I am home for the summer.

The time spent coaching a team really improved my leadership skills a little more since coming to Cortland for school. Now when I return, I will have a coaching position and help more young athletes become better and having the kids someone to talk to if they do not want to ask the coach. I have learned alot about coaching basketball and these kids and after completing these hours, I feel preety good about starting my teaching career.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Reflextion on Lab B2

After teaching these jum rope activities, I have noticed that not only has my skills gotten better, but so has everyone in the class. Jump ropes are a good way to build up endurance and its a great aerobic activity. During the lesson, I noticed that some students were having a difficult time doing some of my exercises, so I was there to give them instrucions and feedback. The students looked like they were interested because they were all sweating and putting alot of effort to get the 360 twist down. Not only did they have fun performing the exercise, I had fun teaching it to them. Some things I noticed about the lesson is that I didn't give them a signal for attention and I didn't give that great of cues for them to remember. Besides that, I feelI taught a pretty good lesson and i look foward to teach juggling for my next lesson. Below is my mp3 teaching file, feel free to listne anytime to hear my lesson.
Lab B2 Part 1
Lab B2 Part 2