Sunday, January 31, 2010

Relfextion of Lab 1A

Reflection on today's lesson:
1. What do you think went well in your lesson or your teaching? I think everything went well from when i gathering the class into a circle and began my lesson. First I explained what activity I was going to be teaching and started showing them by example and explaning while i was going along. I feel my teaching was effective becasue after showing the students how to throw a football in a perfect spiral, I seen them using my technique and they were throwing perfect spirals
2. What do you think you need to improve in your teaching skill or content? I feel I need to improve on my volume because I felt I was not talking loud enough for the students to really hear me and it is something I will be improving on.
3. How are the improvements you listed above (answers to question #2) going to impact student learning and/or motivation? These improvements will impact my teaching ability by making my lesson much better then they already are and that means the students will be more comprehensive on the lesson I will be teaching.

Time Coding

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