Wednesday, May 12, 2010

255 final part 1C

iii. Daily Burn is a very helpful and effective website to begin your fitness program. It asks you a variety of questions to create you a individual workout program to accomplish your goal. Not only do they follow your workouts but also nutrition which is an important part of fitness. It tracks on your progression and updates you on your status of reaching your goal. This is a great website to incorporate into a PE cirriculum because students can keep an organized program to improve their fitness. I have never used an online program because I used charts and papers. I think this method is so much eaiser and organized because you will not misplace papers and it is less messy and all over the place. After visiting this website, I am impressed with the different varieties of workouts and the chart that informs you on the progress. When I become a teacher I will definately use this program with my classes and help students towards success.

Day 1: 5/12/10

Day 2: 5/13/10

Day 3: 5/14/10

iv. Learning standard 1B states students will develop a personal fitness plan that targets and improves all fitness areas. This website is a great tool to help students create a fitness program. I would use this websites in my classes to encourage students to create an effective fitness program and pass it on to other people who want to follow your plan. First I would ask the students what they want to improve on and split them up into their respectful groups for cardio, muscular, flexibilty etc. Have the students help each other out as a team and motivate each other to keep up with their plans. Not only are students helping theirselves, but their fellow students trying to achieve their goals.

v. I would say the best electronical tool to help with learning standard 1A would have to be a stop watch to keep track of time, pedometers to count the steps and HR monitors to track cardiovascular increase is it easy to use, but it can really help the teacher get the message across to the students about the benefits of working out. During PE class, students will be informed by the teacher and reenforced with the website.

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